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DEADLY DUET - Coming 2016

Opera ingénue Catherine Crosley has spent most of her life focusing on her burgeoning singing career. Being a perfectionist, she has sacrificed everything for the sake of her passion. However, by the time she is twenty-seven, she decides to take her career in a new direction. With one final opera to perform, her intent is to go out on a high note. Unfortunately, her carefully crafted plan takes a dangerous turn.

When Catherine’s life is threatened by an anonymous “fan,” her overprotective New England family pledges to help her, and they even enlist the services of Mac Sullivan, Catherine’s teenage crush. Still humiliated by their last encounter, Cat initially refuses Mac’s help, but he’s not about to take no for an answer. Mac Sullivan will do anything to protect her.

 While Mac and Cat face unknown evil, they also rediscover their growing desire for one another. Confused by the new romantic feelings while still trying to find out who is terrorizing her, Cat must stay focused on her life in the limelight. After trying to sort out her feelings, Cat soon realizes that she is not only at the mercy of her obsessed fan, but also her desire for sexy, strong Mac Sullivan.